D&V is the go-to provider of Car Detailing Surrey services, for Auto interiors and exteriors that include washing and waxing,  removing car mold, pet hair, smoke smell, and detailing Commercial Trucks and Fleets.

With Thousands of Five Star Reviews for Auto Detailing and Wash services, we are rated as the best in detailing for our Pricing, Quality, and Customer Service.

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Best auto car wash in near me in Surrey, BC

Best Mobile Car Detailing near me?

Best Car Detailing near me in Surrey, BC

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Detailing Prices



Full Interior Detailing
(Vac, Steam, Shampoo, Shine)
Foam Wash $50+
Car Mold Removal
(Including Headliner + Ozone)
Smoke Smell Removal
(Including Headliner + Ozone)
Dog Hair Removal 50+
Wash, Wax, Buff 150+


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What are the benefits of steam cleaning a cars interior?

Steam cleaning the car’s interior offers numerous benefits.

It effectively sanitizes surfaces by killing bacteria, viruses, and mold, promoting a healthier environment for occupants.

The high temperature of steam helps to loosen dirt, grime, and stains, making them easier to remove without the need for harsh chemicals. Steam cleaning is also environmentally friendly, as it uses minimal water and reduces the reliance on chemical cleaners, contributing to a greener cleaning process.

Additionally, steam cleaning can reach into crevices and tight spaces, ensuring a thorough clean of all interior surfaces.

Overall, it leaves the car’s interior looking and feeling fresh, clean, and rejuvenated.

How often should I detail my cars interiors?

The frequency of interior detailing depends on factors like usage, environment, and personal preference.

For most cars, a thorough interior detailing every 6-12 months is sufficient to maintain cleanliness and preserve the condition.

However, vehicles subject to heavy use or exposure to dirt, pets, or spills may benefit from more frequent detailing, such as every 3-6 months.

Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning can help extend the time between professional detailing sessions.

Ultimately, it’s best to assess the condition of the interior regularly and schedule detailing as needed to keep it clean and well-maintained.

Does interior detailing remove stains?

Interior detailing can effectively remove many stains from a car’s interior surfaces, depending on the type and severity of the stain.

Techniques such as shampooing, steam cleaning, and spot treatments are often used to lift and extract stains from upholstery, carpets, and other surfaces.

However, some stubborn or deeply ingrained stains may require specialized treatments or repeated efforts to achieve complete removal.

Overall, interior detailing is a thorough process designed to address various types of stains and restore the appearance of the interior.

Regular maintenance and prompt attention to spills can also help prevent stains from becoming permanent.

How do you remove mold from a car?

D&V mobile detailing services started by cleaning mold from cars, in a nontoxic and environmentally friendly way.

We have experience in removing mold from all vehicles – from Cars, Suv’s, Minivans and Pickups to Commercial Vehicles like Semi Trucks, RV’s, Campers, Busses and Boats.

We are the go to provider for cleaning mold from vehicles and have also been awarded the best car detailing company by consumer choice awards and the Canadian Business Review Board, for exceptional customer service, fair pricing, and quality of work.

How do I find the best car wash wash near me?

Finding the ideal car wash near you is easy with online directories and apps specializing in “car wash wash near me” searches.

These platforms offer extensive listings and user reviews to guide your decision.

Additionally, seek recommendations from friends, family, or local social networks for trusted options. By utilizing these resources, you’ll discover the perfect car wash wash service conveniently located in the Delta, BC area.

Are your products safe for the environment?

All the car wash products we use are eco-friendly and VOC compliant

All detailing Products and chemicals used by us adhere to all rules laid down by Environment Canada

Client Reviews

Rated 4.8 ⭐ based on 1295 customer reviews.

my first appointment with the company to clean the interior of my car,reliable,came on time,respectful and affordable....good work on the steam cleaning! - celeste hoeden
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These guys did an incredible job dealing the interior of my vehicle. The steam mold removal and ozone cleaning did an awesome job remediating the interior. They were professional, and worked efficiently. Booked same day service and they were able to work around my schedule. Job well done! - Justyn Field
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Great job on this older car. Previous smoker left it dirty and smelly. D&V came out & cleaned all the nooks and crannies & did an ozone treatment & interior steam. We were left with a nice clean car and the smell is gone. Car was a gift to our children and its all ready for them now. Thanks D & V - Jeff Pannell
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Had my 1999 Mercedes interior cleaned, the results we're amazing. It feels like a new car. Coffee stains gone, interior totally clean and I couldn't be happier. Added the $50 option to wash the car and rims on top of the interior and it turned out great. The reason I picked DV was because they use steam, which is the best way to clean your interior, other places just used a cloth (which to me isn't enough) Everything just feels clean to the touch and will be using the service again 100%

- Franjo
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I hired this crew to clean my range rover which I had stored and become completely covered in mold inside. They steam cleaned the entire interior to make it better than ever before! Like new! - Jonah McFarlane
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We had our vehicles serviced by D & V and I would say they did a wonderful job. I am a nurse by profession & their cleaning/steaming of interior vehicles absolutely passed my expectations. I highly recommend this company! - Jenn Cruz
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Luxury Car Detailing in Surrey

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Dog Hair Removal Surrey, BC

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Car Odor Removal Surrey, BC

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