Car Detailing for Flood Victims

picture showing car detailing for victims of flooding in BC

The recent flooding in Abbotsford and other neighborhoods in BC has been devastating for those affected. As a company, D&V Mobile Detailing Services wants to help the residents in any way we can. As the waters recede, the clean up for vehicles will be important, The possibility of Mold building in cars, is very high and could lead to other health issues. One obvious question you may have is how can I clean the mold from my car. Please see some faqs on this topic and ways how we can help to remove mold from your cars in the abbotsford area.

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How can D&V Mobile Detailing Services help?

As a company, we would like to help as much as possible. If you are a victim of the flooding in BC, we will offer you 20% discounts from our online prices. Use Coupon Code FLOOD21 at checkout.

If you are in an area where getting access to groceries has started getting difficult, we can buy groceries for you from Surrey and other neighborhoods and bring them to you at no extra cost.

I had water enter my vehicle. Can you help?

Yes, we can try to extract most of the water and provide a car detailing service where we will steam, shampoo, and sanitize the vehicle.

How do I avoid mold from forming in my vehicle?

The probability of mold forming in Waterlogged vehicles is very high. Especially if the vehicles are closed and there is no way for the moisture to escape. One way to avoid mold from forming would be to put a small space heater on a dry surface and run it with the windows rolled down by an inch. Please see more details about mold removal services in our Mold Page , you can see how do we remove mold from cars, see mold removal videos, and mold removal FAQ’s there.

I have mold in my car. What can I do?

As soon as you see the first signs of mold in your car, please call us. We come and clean it ASAP. Please do not ignore this since the mold will only increase spread over time. We will steam clean at over 120 degrees centigrade to make sure the mold is killed.

Which areas are you providing this service for?

At this time we are providing this service to people affected in the Abbotsford area only.

picture showing Car Mold Removal service as a part of car detailing service by D&V
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