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    Question to Long Haul Drivers….. Is your work environment safe and clean?

    As essential workers, long haul truck drivers must take extra care to stay healthy, and the importance of detailing the insides of their semi and long haul trucks cannot be overstated. With many drivers having to sleep inside their trucks, it’s essential to create a sanitized environment to prevent the spread of germs and other contaminants.

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    Car Detailing FAQ’s

    Mobile Car Detailing Services, by D&V Mobile Auto Detailing Services for clients in the lower mainland, . We are one of the Best Auto Detailing companies in the Vancouver area, as per the CONSUMER CHOICE AWARDS & CBRB.  Check out our car detailing VIDEOS and ONLINE PROMOTIONS, and get UPFRONT PRICING for car detailing services that are done out of your location. BOOK ONLINE and get

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    We provide Car Mold Removal & Virus Clean up services, including vehicles exposed to COVID, to clients in most cities in the lower mainland, Remove Mold & get Ozone Treatment to the musty mold odor to go away & ensure air-borne spores are killed.

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