We provide Vehicle Diagnostic services to clients. Do you see the dreaded check engine light in your vehicle? We can come and diagnose the problem for you.

Does a check engine light stress you out? And knowing what the issue is worse.

Did you know that most shops will say a Vehicle Diagnosis will be $100-150 for the first hour. & then fixing the issues for the check engine light, will cost more in repairs. ?

Don’t you think it’s a conflict of interest that the person diagnosing the problem is also the one who is repairing the issue?

If the answer to any of the questions is “YES” this page might be informative.


At D&V, we want to help our customers make informed decisions about their Vehicles. So if you have a check engine light, and need to do a vehicle diagnosis for your vehicle. we believe we can help.

We will come to your location and do a vehicle diagnosis with tools to find out why your check engine light is on, detect the issue, and send it to an offsite licensed mechanic who will troubleshoot the issue to let you know what exactly do you need to be repaired.

Once you know what the actual issue is, you are better empowered to talk to your mechanic or dealership, to negotiate pricing with them.

We believe that having the knowledge of the problem from someone who does diagnosis, and then going with that, will get clients a better deal for their repairs.

How can I trust you for vehicle diagnostics?

Over 3500 customers have been kind enough to give us over 650 reviews. D&V will provide you with exceptional service, with full transparency for your vehicle diagnostics needs.
So have you licensed mechanics for check engine light issues?
We have trained people to collect the data for your auto diagnostics, we have licensed mechanics who will analyze the data, and send you a report of what the check engine light was about and the analyst of the vehicle diagnosis.


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