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Best Customer Reviews for Mobile Detailing services from across the Web, read what our customers have to say about our detailing services below and book an appointment with us.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 1232 customer reviews.

Avinash Varadarajulu AvatarAvinash Varadarajulu
Recently I had left my car for Turo, one of the guest had smoked inside the car and car smelled... read more - 9/01/2023 
Zander Cellarius AvatarZander Cellarius
Polite and efficient and our van looks like new! Definitely would recommend. - 8/31/2023 
Alicia Wotherspoon AvatarAlicia Wotherspoon
Great service! The technician showed up on time and did a wonderful job cleaning my car. It was spotless when... read more - 8/31/2023 
John AvatarJohn
They are awesome - 8/31/2023 
bainsleo Avatarbainsleo
I got the interior and exterior detailing done…and my car just looked like new.Awesome job done…!!👍🏼 - 8/31/2023 
Jeff Thachuk AvatarJeff Thachuk
Exceeded our expectations, our vehicle is like a new vehicle now. Next in line, my truck 🙂 - 8/31/2023 
Zach Janz AvatarZach Janz
Easy and accommodating. Truck looked great. - 8/20/2023 
Sigman Floyd AvatarSigman Floyd
Excellent job, good communication, reasonable rates, great service, very professional! - 8/09/2023 
Franjo AvatarFranjo
Had my 1999 Mercedes interior cleaned, the results we're amazing. It feels like a new car. Coffee stains... read more - 8/02/2023 
Caitlin Morrissey AvatarCaitlin Morrissey
Manny did a great job and my car is spotless! He was friendly and professional and got everything done in... read more - 7/18/2023 
Bilal N AvatarBilal N
Good quality service - 7/15/2023 
Soleil B AvatarSoleil B
Booking with D&V mobile detailing was a breeze. Their website is very user friendly and communication through email and text... read more - 7/15/2023 
Elizabeth Li AvatarElizabeth Li
The guy who detailed my car did a wonderful job! I had to make a last minute appointment change and... read more - 7/14/2023 
cohen morosoff Avatarcohen morosoff
Very good job detailing. Was fast and efficient. Was happy with the end result for sure!! - 7/03/2023 
Greg Cuthbert AvatarGreg Cuthbert
Had my truck cleaned up inside full package very pleased fair fees and in and out as planned what more... read more - 7/01/2023 
Rènzo Creek AvatarRènzo Creek
they did a great job on my Mazda protege - 7/01/2023 
GoStory Media AvatarGoStory Media
I loved my first time experience with D&V Mobile Detailing, I was able to get my work done... read more - 6/26/2023 
Melissa Shrimpton AvatarMelissa Shrimpton
I called D & V for one of my fleet vans and I am absolutely amazed by the end result!!... read more - 6/23/2023 
Polly Cote AvatarPolly Cote
Really good fast service. I had to change my appointment and was able to get one the next day. My... read more - 6/21/2023 
C Chu AvatarC Chu
Smooth booking process and quick response time to confirm after booking. We had 2 vehicles detailed, one of which has... read more - 6/21/2023 
Jasdeep AvatarJasdeep
Did a great job doing interior detailing, great service! - 6/21/2023 
Mianna Pelayo AvatarMianna Pelayo
Service is great, fast and efficient! I’m quite amazed. I will definitely go back and have my car cleaned again.... read more - 6/21/2023 
Diane Martens AvatarDiane Martens
Awesome job. - 6/20/2023 
Orry Mevorach AvatarOrry Mevorach
D&V was fantastic. I made the reservation on a Saturday, and they were able to come on the Sunday morning... read more - 6/19/2023 
Bob Reid AvatarBob Reid
Great job and I'm really happy overall. Easy to book, prompt service, and good communication throughout. I recommend. - 6/15/2023 
Kathleen Hartman AvatarKathleen Hartman
D&V washed and cleaned the exterior of our Travel Trailer. It looks amazing! Raman, our detailer, was knowledgeable... read more - 6/08/2023 
Clarissa Lobo AvatarClarissa Lobo
My first ever experience with them was amazing! Wonderful work, perfectly cleaned my car’s interior and totally worth the price. - 6/07/2023 
dave cho Avatardave cho
they came by and did an interior detail of a used car that just purchased. there was dog hair... read more - 6/07/2023 
Chris Hayes AvatarChris Hayes
Full interior detailing package and the results did not disappoint. Quality work, good communication throughout the process. Would highly recckmend. - 6/06/2023 
Permveer Bains AvatarPermveer Bains
Interior and exterior detailing, easy and thorough, would recommend! - 6/06/2023 
christopher blackwell Avatarchristopher blackwell
My wife had trashed her 2010 Matrix with stains from my daughter and a lot of garbage.the seats where stained... read more - 6/03/2023 
Nihan Mochesane AvatarNihan Mochesane
Mrs barbara derek . God I'll keep blessing you , I got my withdrawal yesterday. binary trader is still the... read more - 5/31/2023 
don f Avatardon f
D&V booked me in the next day after calling and did a great job of detailing and removing a horrible... read more - 5/27/2023 
Yanani Radhakrishnan AvatarYanani Radhakrishnan
Well worth the money and the employee did an excellent job! - 5/27/2023 
Craig Birch AvatarCraig Birch
Great job. On time and spent about 6 hours on the car. Looks like new. - 5/24/2023 
Aidan B AvatarAidan B
I had a great experience with D&V detailing. Got an appointment quickly and they did a great job. I got... read more - 5/24/2023 
Christina W AvatarChristina W
Highly recommend! Car looks new and the technician was friendly and did a really great job! Good communication... read more - 5/24/2023 
Pam Wahl AvatarPam Wahl
Amazing detailer. I thought my pet hair problem was completely unfixable, and the mold issue would be very hard to... read more - 5/24/2023 
Aman Dhanji AvatarAman Dhanji
Vic answered my emails and texts promptly. The service is mobile and it is great to have them come... read more - 5/24/2023 
Matt Narayan AvatarMatt Narayan
Have used D&V again this year and again quality cleaning and work. They were able to get water mold out... read more - 5/24/2023 
Sean Grant (Possibly Sean) AvatarSean Grant (Possibly Sean)
Easy process, 4runner looks like the day I drove it off the lot. - 5/24/2023 
Holly I AvatarHolly I
Amazing service and a beautiful job my van looks brand new. The tech was so polite thank you so much... read more - 5/18/2023 
Nick AvatarNick
Seriously great job Lovepreet. I squeak when I get in here it’s so clean haha. Thank you! - 5/18/2023 
Sunny Prabhakar AvatarSunny Prabhakar
D&V did internal cleaning for my car, including washing the mats. The technician came in time and did a wonderful... read more - 5/18/2023 
Very happy with D&V. The team always works hard and does a great job. - 5/18/2023 
David Grant AvatarDavid Grant
Excellent service! Showed up early and communication was excellent during the entire process. Very easy to deal with... read more - 5/18/2023 
Jimmy Randa AvatarJimmy Randa
Came in on short notice, got the job done quick and professional. Happy with the result of my car. Answered... read more - 5/11/2023 
Jack Bebbington AvatarJack Bebbington
Needed my cars interior detailed in order to sell it and the guys from D&V were fantastic. very accommodating for... read more - 5/04/2023 
Inderveer Mahal AvatarInderveer Mahal
So easy! They came within 24 hours and did a great job! Mannish who did the job was so easy... read more - 5/04/2023 
Lorraine Corbett AvatarLorraine Corbett
My Daugher just got an older 2004 Mini Van and D&V did an amazing job on the steam cleaning and... read more - 5/01/2023 
Brent Purcell AvatarBrent Purcell
Can’t say enough about the detailing job done by Manjot from D&V Mobile Detailing. The seats look fantastic after he... read more - 4/25/2023 
Jorge Gaviria AvatarJorge Gaviria
Have used their services 3 times and everytime I'm satisfied with the quality and price. Incredible attention to detail and... read more - 4/25/2023 
milad daghighi Avatarmilad daghighi
Excellent, best service, you can hardly find anything like them, you will fall in love with their work, don't doubt it. - 4/18/2023 
Antony Lulic AvatarAntony Lulic
Badal did an awesome job. Took a truck that’s been sitting molding away for 5 years and made it look... read more - 4/18/2023 
Goldwin Chan AvatarGoldwin Chan
We've used these guys 2 years in a row now.. Excellent service! Cheers! - 4/18/2023 
Vilaykone K AvatarVilaykone K
I got my vehicle detailed by D&V recently and the individual who did the service did a phenomenal job. He... read more - 4/18/2023 
Jessica Lamontagne AvatarJessica Lamontagne
I booked with little notice and they came out the next day, and did the best cleaning and detailing I’ve... read more - 4/18/2023 
Catalina Desjarlais AvatarCatalina Desjarlais
Great services! My car looked brand new! - 4/12/2023 
Elaine Scott AvatarElaine Scott
Great job. - 4/05/2023 
Brian Pont AvatarBrian Pont
The team did a wonderful job cleaning our car inside and out. It needed it! They were easily to communicate... read more - 4/05/2023 
Aneesh Kochukrishnan AvatarAneesh Kochukrishnan
Excellent service by the detailer Excellent service par le détaillant - 4/05/2023 
Carmen van Zanten AvatarCarmen van Zanten
They came right to my house and cleaned both cars inside and out. They look like new. Excellent job. - 4/02/2023 
Amrik Jaswal AvatarAmrik Jaswal
This is the second time we have used D&V and again blown away in the focus on detailing they provide.... read more - 3/24/2023 
T AvatarT
Found this business on Google with good reviews so I thought I would give it a try. I booked for... read more - 3/24/2023 
Clothespin Drycleaners AvatarClothespin Drycleaners
Great service - 3/23/2023 
Paul Hartwig AvatarPaul Hartwig
We had D&V come and do a vehicle that had been sitting for a few wet months, as we picked... read more - 3/22/2023 
Karin Payany AvatarKarin Payany
Fais appel à cette entreprise pour enlever l'odeur de cigarette dans mon véhicule.Travail sérieux et efficace réalisé. Technicien super. Nettoyage... read more - 3/22/2023 
Matt Bacon AvatarMatt Bacon
We had a great experience with D&V. It was easy to set up an appointment and the service, communication, and... read more - 3/21/2023 
Tiffany Lemme AvatarTiffany Lemme
They did a great job - my SUV feels like a brand new car again. Between dog fur and toddler... read more - 3/15/2023 
Liz Dustan AvatarLiz Dustan
Just had my car detailed today and it looks amazing! I requested a last minute appointment and they got me... read more - 3/15/2023 
Don Black AvatarDon Black
I highly recommend D & V. They did a fantastic job removing mold from the inside of my car at... read more - 3/08/2023 
Margaret Parolin AvatarMargaret Parolin
Hi I had them detail the interior of my car. They showed up on time and did an excellent job!... read more - 3/07/2023 
Larry Larsen AvatarLarry Larsen
My dog got carsick on our last road trip and made quite the mess. I cleaned it up the best... read more - 3/06/2023 
Michael Collins AvatarMichael Collins
D&V made having my car cleaned super easy. After having some water leakage in my car and mold developing, they... read more - 3/05/2023 
Ted Vuckovic AvatarTed Vuckovic
Great experience I needed them to show up a little early. They had no problem with that,They did a great... read more - 3/04/2023 
M K Anand AvatarM K Anand
They did a great job. Highly satisfied - 3/03/2023 
Laura Duncan AvatarLaura Duncan
Excellent service and always do a thorough job, highly recommend! - 3/03/2023 
Natalie Pierson AvatarNatalie Pierson
My car was in rough shape and I was really impressed by the wonderful job done by the technician. Looked... read more - 2/25/2023 
Michael Turner AvatarMichael Turner
Very professional service. The team is very communicative and showed up on time. They did their work fairly quietly outside... read more - 2/25/2023 
Narin Izadi AvatarNarin Izadi
I would really recommend this company if you need your car cleaned. I got my interior cleaned and the guy... read more - 2/22/2023 
Susan Foster AvatarSusan Foster
Washed the outside of our truck camper and steam cleaned the inside. Cleaned all the appliances and cupboards. It is... read more - 2/18/2023 
TJ S AvatarTJ S
Great service all around. Prompt response to request for booking, with a follow-up email confirming details, along with technician... read more - 2/15/2023 
Jnr Loxion Lovah AvatarJnr Loxion Lovah
Congratulations to me, and all thanks to MRS barbara derek she never stop doing miracle's. I was so shocked and... read more - 2/15/2023 
Onyinye Romanus AvatarOnyinye Romanus
Never thought that online trading could be so helpful because of so many scammers online until I met Mrs. Barbara... read more - 2/14/2023 
Donald Marsh AvatarDonald Marsh
Vic and his crews always take good care of me. I highly recommend to anyone that appreciates attention to detail... read more - 2/13/2023 
Frank Hu AvatarFrank Hu
It’s great, will try again - 2/13/2023 
Amanda Sherlock AvatarAmanda Sherlock
Second time using this company, just as impressed as I was the first time!!!! I contacted this company from a... read more - 2/13/2023 
Lauren Jeffreys AvatarLauren Jeffreys
This company is wonderful. My car was covered in mold and I was really scared for my health. I can... read more - 2/13/2023 
David Clegg AvatarDavid Clegg
Recently purchased an ex-smoker car. Heavy cigarette odor was present. Made a late night booking and the gentleman was here... read more - 2/10/2023 
It has been a while since I have been able to use DMV services and boy did my vehicle miss... read more - 2/08/2023 
Jen Dinh AvatarJen Dinh
Amazing service! They did a really good job on my car. The technician was very kind and attentive to details.... read more - 2/08/2023 
Lisa Ramsay AvatarLisa Ramsay
Arwinder did a fantastic job on detailing our vehicle. The car had been sitting for 3 years and was very... read more - 2/08/2023 
Amy Jones AvatarAmy Jones
Called them to remove mould from my vehicle and afterwards you would never know I had any in it at... read more - 1/30/2023 
Kayla McKenzie AvatarKayla McKenzie
Communication was prompt. We had a small issue that was fixed very quickly. We were very happy with everything! - 1/29/2023 
shivninder cheema Avatarshivninder cheema
They did excellent job.Guy who came take his time to steam cleaning ,not rushing for work.. very easy to book... read more - 1/26/2023 
Phil Merricks AvatarPhil Merricks
Return customer, completely satisfied with the job, my car interior looks brand new, like it just left the showroom! I... read more - 1/26/2023 
Butterkissez AvatarButterkissez
Amazing service! My seats were so stained and my car had a weird smell in it for over a year... read more - 1/26/2023 
Gaby Hanga AvatarGaby Hanga
They did interior cleaning and mopd removal. Very professional and the car looks super clean! - 1/26/2023 
Stephanie Chen AvatarStephanie Chen
The technician (I forgot to ask for his name) was very professional and friendly. He did an AMAZING job cleaning... read more - 1/25/2023 
Shara Ramdin AvatarShara Ramdin
Job very well done. Used their services a couple of times now. I'm very happy with their work and will... read more - 1/25/2023 
D WIlson AvatarD WIlson
I had my SUVs interior detailed by D&V and they did an awesome job. Gave the interior a lot of... read more - 1/25/2023 
Kim Sab AvatarKim Sab
Booked D&V Mobile Auto Detailing online, very easy, and I knew what it was going to cost when I booked,... read more - 1/22/2023 
Toni D AvatarToni D
Amazing. My truck looks brand new. We have a dog so it needed a big clean. On time, good customer... read more - 1/16/2023 
JasAsgardian AvatarJasAsgardian
It was nice to have them come to your place, very convenient. They were quick, professional and did a good job - 1/06/2023 
Sean Dozeman AvatarSean Dozeman
I highly recommend D&V Mobile Detailing. My car was dirty, had dog hair inside, and algae growing in my door... read more - 1/06/2023 
Mitch Kratz AvatarMitch Kratz
I use this company every time I need a detail and they come to where I am do a great... read more - 1/06/2023 
daniel robert Avatardaniel robert
This is a good company to hire, they come at your home clean your vehicle, affordable, on time, and friendly.... read more - 1/05/2023 
Thomas C AvatarThomas C
Had a very good experience with D&V for both my truck and wife’s SUV. I was able to book them... read more - 1/04/2023 
Erin O'Halloran AvatarErin O'Halloran
I have been a regular customer of D&V for several years. It had been awhile since my last service but... read more - 1/03/2023 
Ben Coull AvatarBen Coull
Professional service! Very pleased with the job that was done. Would recommend to anyone looking to get their car detailed. - 1/03/2023 
Sandra Rally AvatarSandra Rally
Cleaner came, texted me an quickly got to work. All was completed as expected. - 12/23/2022 
Daniel Thibault AvatarDaniel Thibault
Technician Odin called prior to appointment to say that traffic had slowed him down as he was coming from downtown... read more - 12/16/2022 
Val Chambers AvatarVal Chambers
Happy with the service and especially communication. They are very accommodating and easy to arrange with. - 12/11/2022 
Igor Kivritsky AvatarIgor Kivritsky
Somehow the windows in our SUV decided to open during a rain storm. Did the best job that we... read more - 12/06/2022 
Morgan AvatarMorgan
Having never used an at home detailing company before I was a little leery calling, but I needed the car... read more - 12/05/2022 
Nicola Nelson AvatarNicola Nelson
I highly recommend D&V. They did a great job on my truck . - 11/22/2022 
aldea lagua Avataraldea lagua
They did a wonderful job cleaning my car. My car smells good and very satisfied with their work. I definitely... read more - 11/21/2022 
Cj Atwal AvatarCj Atwal
We have used D&V detailing services few times. They did a great job in detailing the cars each time. Each... read more - 11/13/2022 
Gurjeet Singh AvatarGurjeet Singh
D&V provided satisfactory service with their experience and cleaned out my car very well . Highly recommended these mobile detailing... read more - 11/12/2022 
sara martin-steitzer Avatarsara martin-steitzer
They did a wonderful job! Found the service after my car flooded when we had the heavy rain fall. They... read more - 11/12/2022 
Ishan Pillay AvatarIshan Pillay
Excellent work was performed. I recommend there service to everyone. - 11/11/2022 
Bill Todd AvatarBill Todd
I’ve used this company twice now for mobile detailing. Both times they’ve provided great service. I’ll definitely use them again. - 11/05/2022 
Richelle Weaver AvatarRichelle Weaver
I’ve used D&V Mobile Detailing twice now and they’ve done a great job each time. Having them come to my... read more - 11/01/2022 
Avanish Yadav AvatarAvanish Yadav
D&V very professional and did a good job on interior detailing of my car that hadn’t been cleaned in a... read more - 11/01/2022 
Cypress Ataman AvatarCypress Ataman
I have nothing bad to say about my experience. The results were spotless, professional and service was completed in... read more - 10/31/2022 
Jan Hed AvatarJan Hed
Very professional crew that really helped me out in a bind, recommend them! - 10/29/2022 
Linda Brown AvatarLinda Brown
Hi D&V car detailing ,your fellow today has done an outstanding awesome job. The car I gave him to clean... read more - 10/25/2022 
Louise Wheatley AvatarLouise Wheatley
Incredible service. They lifted a big olive oil stain from the interior which was a great relief. Worked hard for... read more - 10/22/2022 
Debra Sneddon AvatarDebra Sneddon
I saw one of their cars doing my neighbours vehicle so I called the number. Great advertising tool. Was able... read more - 10/19/2022 
T S AvatarT S
Great work really respectful. Have recommended them to my family - 10/19/2022 
Shar Morrison AvatarShar Morrison
Loved this service! Replied quickly to my inquiry, were flexible in scheduling, explained fees and service thoroughly and were efficient.... read more - 10/15/2022 
Lisa McNabb AvatarLisa McNabb
Second time using D&V’s - excellent job again. Very thorough, great work. 👍🏼 - 10/14/2022 
Jacquie Stanbury AvatarJacquie Stanbury
A couple people i know use this company so i thought i would try them out. My car was so... read more - 10/11/2022 
Shin Jin Kang AvatarShin Jin Kang
I spilled seafood in my trunk. Also, the headlines and chair arms were filthy. I hired these guys and they... read more - 10/11/2022 
Natalie Lester AvatarNatalie Lester
I had a great experience with this company! The employee cleaning my car called upon arrival and completed the job... read more - 10/11/2022 
Tina Gandhi AvatarTina Gandhi
Very professional service. Ease of booking online. Good reminders and text/ call morning of service. Car was cleaned thoroughly. ... read more - 10/09/2022 
Dan Rouleau AvatarDan Rouleau
Great guys who do an excellent job! - 10/06/2022 
Maxine Clark AvatarMaxine Clark
Our Tesla S was handled by a real professional! I have already handed out five cards for D &... read more - 10/06/2022 
Terry Bell AvatarTerry Bell
I could not believe the results. It was literally like new. Highly recommend. Worth every penny. - 10/06/2022 
Kaver Purewal AvatarKaver Purewal
Excellent company. Very reliable and their work is very impressive. I will use their service again. - 10/04/2022 
Pasquale Marganelli AvatarPasquale Marganelli
Very professional, showed up at promised time. Overall very happy with the service, excellent work. Will definitely use again. - 10/04/2022 
Debbie Forbes AvatarDebbie Forbes
Excellent, car cleaner than new! Couldn't be happier!! - 10/04/2022 
Rose Vdg AvatarRose Vdg
Cleaning service was convenient and professional. Would use again! - 9/27/2022 
The Whiz AvatarThe Whiz
Great service, would recommend - 9/27/2022 
Nick Prokopchuk AvatarNick Prokopchuk
These guys did a fantastic job on cleaning up my disgusting moldy car full of dog hair, it looks good... read more - 9/27/2022 
Douglas Kerr AvatarDouglas Kerr
Excellent. First time I ever did it. They spent fair amount of time doing it correctly. Looks great and will... read more - 9/21/2022 
Jan O’Neill AvatarJan O’Neill
This fellow did a wonderful job. Has my not-so-new car looking great. Can’t beat the mobile service and very... read more - 9/20/2022 
Samantha Reynolds AvatarSamantha Reynolds
Vic was so quick to reply and booked me in the very next day. Odin was the service guy and... read more - 9/20/2022 
Benjamin Vella AvatarBenjamin Vella
Great job, very happy with the service. - 9/20/2022 
Steven Smith AvatarSteven Smith
Great job, great service, I love you come to me! Great rates too I would Highly recommend you people try... read more - 9/20/2022 
Rachelle Dignan AvatarRachelle Dignan
Amazing job and very reasonable prices! They did a phenomenal job on my Jeep Compass, after years of my kids... read more - 9/15/2022 
Caroline Blaylock AvatarCaroline Blaylock
Amazing service! The guy was friendly and did an amazing job! The booking process was all very easy! - 9/11/2022 
Deborah Thiel AvatarDeborah Thiel
First time using their services. Fantastic. Full stop. Totally professional. Just do it. You won’t be disappointed. - 9/11/2022 
Linda Brown AvatarLinda Brown
D&V mobile auto service comes to your home and cleans your cars, outside and inside of cars and they look... read more - 9/11/2022 
Dorthy Rossi AvatarDorthy Rossi
The two gentlemen who came to do the work were very detail oriented and did sn amazing job because... read more - 9/11/2022 
Kathleen McMahon AvatarKathleen McMahon
Thank you. I cannot express how pleased I am with the work done by Arwinder! He worked a solid 2.5... read more - 9/11/2022 
Julius von Sivers AvatarJulius von Sivers
Excellent work on a full body detail. I gave them a pretty rough starting point and it's near new now. - 9/11/2022 
Ravinder Aujla AvatarRavinder Aujla
So convenient. Great work and worth the price - 9/11/2022 
Tony AvatarTony
Waited a bit to see if the mold would return and it didn't! 10/10 work, would recommend to anyone. - 9/09/2022 
Bernadette Heldsinger AvatarBernadette Heldsinger
They were very efficient in setting up an appointment. Odin was my service guy. I had mould in a large... read more - 9/03/2022 
Bernadette Heldsinger AvatarBernadette Heldsinger
They did a fantastic job on a large BMW sedan which had mould. Odin was my service guy and the... read more - 9/02/2022 
Stephanie Lee AvatarStephanie Lee
Odin was my service provider and was so friendly! Communication was on point when he called to say he was... read more - 8/31/2022 
Nikki Wood AvatarNikki Wood
Arwinder did a fantastic job detailing my car! It looked better than when I bought it off the car lot.... read more - 8/30/2022 
Tiffany Calder AvatarTiffany Calder
The attention to detail was amazing. I am so happy with the job they did. He spent way more time... read more - 8/28/2022 
Michael Rosenberg AvatarMichael Rosenberg
Having a car detailing service that 'delivers' is priceless! All the work is done at your home, and the... read more - 8/25/2022 
lake leroux Avatarlake leroux
Job well done! - 8/25/2022 
Joanna Alvarenga AvatarJoanna Alvarenga
We hired them to do an interior detailing in our work truck, they did a fantastic job! The great part... read more - 8/25/2022 
Jonas Samson AvatarJonas Samson
I had a very positive experience with D&V. Booking an appointment was extremely easy and customer service was on point.... read more - 8/24/2022 
heather lacroix Avatarheather lacroix
Amazing service as always! - 8/23/2022 
Hilleas Wong AvatarHilleas Wong
Karan did an amazing job on our 10 year old Mitsubishi Outlander. Our car looks like almost new again... read more - 8/21/2022 
Dustin Blackley AvatarDustin Blackley
The job was top notch and pricing was affordable. The appointment was very easy to book online. Exceeded my expectations - 8/15/2022 
Dustin Blackley AvatarDustin Blackley
The job was top notch and pricing was affordable.
The appointment was very easy to book online. Exceeded my expectations - 8/14/2022 
A gill AvatarA gill
First time doing car detailing and it was perfect! It was a fast ,simple process. I had a hard time... read more - 8/14/2022 
A K AvatarA K
They did a great job detailing my car. Everything was perfect. Will be using them again - 8/13/2022 
Kim Garnham AvatarKim Garnham
I had my minivan detailed with DNV Detailing recently and my van looks amazing. Their quality of work is excellent,... read more - 8/11/2022 
Rebecca VDZ AvatarRebecca VDZ
Great communication, and a job well done! We had a fair bit of pet hair, and the final result was... read more - 8/11/2022 
H R AvatarH R
I utilized this mobile detailing service and was beyond impressed. My truck was cleaner than when I bought it brand... read more - 8/10/2022 
Daveena Jagpal AvatarDaveena Jagpal
Very quick response! My appointment was scheduled right away for the same day. They request you to inspect the vehicle... read more - 8/08/2022 
Preet Singh AvatarPreet Singh
Always a top notch job. 👍🏻 - 8/08/2022 
Manu Golban AvatarManu Golban
Wonderful service for removing the mold in our car ! I highly recommend this company. We’ll use them again for... read more - 8/07/2022 
Taylor Huang AvatarTaylor Huang
Enlisted D&V detailing for an interior cleaning and mold removal in the trunk, our technician Odin performed an excellent job... read more - 8/04/2022 
Kevin Steele AvatarKevin Steele
Had my 1998 Harley Softail Custom detailed. Very happy with the results! Custom paint was cleaned right. No damage. Profesional... read more - 8/02/2022 
Gladys Nwachukwu AvatarGladys Nwachukwu
I’m impressed with the attention to detail that was done to my partner’s car. They did a beautiful job detailing... read more - 8/02/2022 
James Dai AvatarJames Dai
amazing job ! - 8/02/2022 
Bonnie Barron AvatarBonnie Barron
So easy, they come to you, communicate times well and are pleasant and professional. They restored my headlights so well... read more - 8/02/2022 
Ryan Sandhu AvatarRyan Sandhu
My car was in need of a major deep clean and it came out looking showroom perfect. I’m extremely pleased... read more - 7/29/2022 
Really appreciate with the work - 7/29/2022 
Aleah Warkentin AvatarAleah Warkentin
Professional and did an excellent job. Charged me a reasonable price for what was done. - 7/29/2022 
Paul Halliday AvatarPaul Halliday
Went above and beyond. Would highly recommend and will be using them again. - 7/29/2022 
Sunnyma Ghosh AvatarSunnyma Ghosh
Good Service, easy to book online and they did a good job . - 7/29/2022 
Trent Soderholm AvatarTrent Soderholm
Great experience top to bottom for a great price! Did the job really quick and efficient - 7/29/2022 
Kam Gill AvatarKam Gill
Been using their service for two years they always do a amazing job! - 7/22/2022 
Tammy Shoaf AvatarTammy Shoaf
Very happy with the speed and thoroughness of the work - we will use this company for our commercial vehicles... read more - 7/22/2022 
Brandon AvatarBrandon
Owner was kind, communicative and had a very fast response. Will for sure use in the future. - 7/21/2022 
Michael L AvatarMichael L
Vic, Karan and his team did a great job washing the exterior of my SUV. Booking was relatively smooth, arrival... read more - 7/21/2022 
Anita Chand AvatarAnita Chand
I was impressed 👌 of the hard work put in .My van looked so much better now . I recommend... read more - 7/19/2022 
Anita Chand AvatarAnita Chand
After the hard work put in I was so impressed 👌 👏 It looked better then new. I... read more - 7/19/2022 
Bonnie Kiyon AvatarBonnie Kiyon
I used this service last year and have recently had another 4 vehicles detailed inside and out. Great job!!... read more - 7/19/2022 
Super Gemini AvatarSuper Gemini
My car seats are cleaned perfectly today by D&V detailing. Drink stains on my cream coloured car seats has been... read more - 7/19/2022 
ryan seminerio Avatarryan seminerio
D&V did an amazing job cleaning my cars interior. It literally looks like it rolled off the showroom floor. I... read more - 7/18/2022 
Katharine Manson AvatarKatharine Manson
Great experience. They came to us and cleaned the interior with such care and detail, removing any and all signs... read more - 7/13/2022 
Atussa B. Shabahang AvatarAtussa B. Shabahang
D&V Mobile were very professional and fast at responding to my request for service. The interior vacuum and shampoo job... read more - 7/12/2022 
Annette Parkes AvatarAnnette Parkes
Very impressive service that I will be recommending to my friends and family. They came for next-day service after I... read more - 7/11/2022 
Martha Younger AvatarMartha Younger
Very polite and professional young man who did a thorough job. - 7/11/2022 
Mark McColman AvatarMark McColman
These guys responded quickly To my inquiry, kept me up to speed and showed up on schedule and performed the... read more - 7/11/2022 
Jon McComb AvatarJon McComb
Excellent work guys! My old pick-uptruck smells and looks show room fresh and clean! Great crew and a good price. - 7/11/2022 
TheRealist AvatarTheRealist
I had my interior detailed on July 4th. I am very happy with the results. My car was an... read more - 7/11/2022 
Marnie Lecuyer AvatarMarnie Lecuyer
The worker from D & V Mobile Detailing did a fabulous job vacuuming, seat shampooing and detailing the inside of... read more - 7/11/2022 
Charles McKenzie AvatarCharles McKenzie
The job was perfectly done and very happyMy car sold the next day after it was cleaned - 7/11/2022 
Paul Domke AvatarPaul Domke
Very responsive really care about the quality and thoroughness of their work car is in... read more - 7/05/2022 
Bobby Naicker AvatarBobby Naicker
They were professional, on time and walked me through each stage. Very impressed. - 7/05/2022 
William Gonzalez AvatarWilliam Gonzalez
Bought my car few weeks ago from an owner that basically abandoned the car, the interior was very dirty. The... read more - 7/05/2022 
Nicole AvatarNicole
Was out of country for 8 months and returned to a mouldy vehicle. This Company was responsive and was able... read more - 7/05/2022 
Aly Daya AvatarAly Daya
These guys are great! Came on time and went beyond expectations. Very friendly big smiles. I'd use them again - 7/05/2022 
F Sam AvatarF Sam
Excellent service, would highly recommend. Odin Is awesome 👌 - 7/05/2022 
Kenny AvatarKenny
A quick google search landed me this company. Very easy and convenient booking. They were able to visit my RV... read more - 7/05/2022 
Paul Domke AvatarPaul Domke
Very responsive really care about the quality and thoroughness of their work car is in... read more - 7/04/2022 
Holly Esplin AvatarHolly Esplin
Great service and results. - 7/03/2022 
Tracy Smith AvatarTracy Smith
Awesome people and excellent service. Will use this service again. - 7/03/2022 
S S AvatarS S
Great service! - 7/03/2022 
Samantha Moreno AvatarSamantha Moreno
We were very happy with the exterior detailing of our 5th wheel. The top was very green over the winter... read more - 7/03/2022 
Jeff Pannell AvatarJeff Pannell
Great job on this older car. Previous smoker left it dirty and smelly. D&V came out & cleaned all the... read more - 7/02/2022 
Gary Fraipont AvatarGary Fraipont
Boat & Utility Trailer wash. Well done would repeat the service! A+A+A+ - 7/02/2022 
Ronnie L AvatarRonnie L
I’m really satisfied with my service. The technician did a theral cleaning and he was professional. My car looks brand... read more - 7/02/2022 
Nargawal Echorawkitten AvatarNargawal Echorawkitten
Absolutely spotless! It's as if it came fresh off the dealership, except all from my front door! The worker was... read more - 7/02/2022 
Diane Kirkland AvatarDiane Kirkland
They were working over 3.5 hours on just the interior of our van. We have a chocolate lab, and there... read more - 7/02/2022 
Kevin Steele AvatarKevin Steele
This was my first time using D&V Mobile Detailing. I'll be using them to detail my Harley after it... read more - 7/01/2022 
Raplh Levell AvatarRaplh Levell
Got them because I had a leak in my car causing mold problems. They did a fully steam clean and... read more - 7/01/2022 
Gurpreet Singh Khangura AvatarGurpreet Singh Khangura
Very good service. Well worth the money spendServices: Car waxing, Auto detailing, Steam cleaning, Full body wash, Auto interior vacuuming, Vacuuming - 6/28/2022 
Bobby Naicker AvatarBobby Naicker
They were professional, on time and walked me through each stage. Very impressed.Services: Car waxing, Auto detailing, Auto interior vacuuming,... read more - 6/24/2022 
William Gonzalez AvatarWilliam Gonzalez
Bought my car few weeks ago from an owner that basically abandoned the car, the interior was very dirty. The... read more - 6/24/2022 
Nicole AvatarNicole
Was out of country for 8 months and returned to a mouldy vehicle. This Company was responsive and was able... read more - 6/24/2022 
Kelly Cameron AvatarKelly Cameron
Very prompt arrival and very thorough work completed for interior detailing, steaming and shampooing. Looks like a brand new... read more - 6/23/2022 
Cam McCulloch AvatarCam McCulloch
Arwinder did a awesome job on my car - will definitely use again! - 6/23/2022 
Nick Mazzarolo AvatarNick Mazzarolo
Really good service would recommend to any one !!Services: Full body wash, Auto detailing, Engine detailing - 6/17/2022 
Dorry Smith AvatarDorry Smith
Was the job done to your satisfaction? "Absolutely! Nice Guy! Great Job on the car. What a difference! - 6/09/2022 
ML Stewart AvatarML Stewart
Had my truck and my van detailed. The van is used to drive my dogs around. The guys... read more - 6/08/2022 
Sari Vaananen AvatarSari Vaananen
Was the Job done to your Satisfaction?
"Absolutely !! and then some. - 6/02/2022 
James Edworthy AvatarJames Edworthy
Arwinder detailed the inside of my truck and did mold removal as well. He was excellent and I was very... read more - 6/01/2022 
Jodee McLetchie AvatarJodee McLetchie
Prompt, very thorough and fairly priced. Extremely satisfied! - 6/01/2022 
Karmia J AvatarKarmia J
Had a wonderful experience with D&V. They did a fantastic job of clearing some surprise serious mold damage we discovered... read more - 5/25/2022 
Dave Stevens AvatarDave Stevens
The guy worked diligently for close to 3 hours. I had a recent spill on a seat and the... read more - 5/25/2022 
Chantal Noakes AvatarChantal Noakes
Great work! The technician that detailed my car, Odin, was very professional and did a great job. Highly recommend 🙂 - 5/25/2022 
Steve Parr AvatarSteve Parr
They did a great job! Recommended. - 5/25/2022 
Rob Short Coaching Academy AvatarRob Short Coaching Academy
Mold removal and interior cleaning of car - 5/23/2022 
Margot Brink AvatarMargot Brink
Easy online booking process, very competitive rates. Technician Karan was meticulous and the end result was outstanding. Very... read more - 5/23/2022 
Mike Hewlett AvatarMike Hewlett
Was very easy to deal with and they did an amazing job. The SUV we got done had... read more - 5/21/2022 
kc Avatarkc
This has been my first time using a mobile auto detailing service. The team came well prepared with all... read more - 5/21/2022 
anthony legaspi Avataranthony legaspi
Cleaned the interior and engine thoroughly. They come to your location and the price is good. Would definitely make an... read more - 5/18/2022 
Paul W AvatarPaul W
I use their services for interior cleaning of my 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. Technician Mr.Dilber arrived on time. He was... read more - 5/15/2022 
Shane Ramos AvatarShane Ramos
We are super satisfied with their service. They were able to remove a persistent smell in our SUV and the... read more - 5/15/2022 
Natasha Pearl AvatarNatasha Pearl
I had a positive experience with D&V detailing service. Booking an appointment online was quick and easy. They... read more - 5/11/2022 
Rajveer Singh AvatarRajveer Singh
Great Service. Completely Cleaned the interior of my 3 ton truck. Made it look like it was brand new. Would... read more - 5/07/2022 
Jen Gill AvatarJen Gill
positive review   Outstanding customer service from Manjot 🤩 my car was a disaster and now looks brand new! Thanks so much! I... read more - 5/06/2022 
Adam Cain AvatarAdam Cain
My car was dirty with probably two plus years of acquired dirt and grime. I finally decided enough is enough... read more - 5/05/2022 
Gurnate Gill AvatarGurnate Gill
Absolutely amazing quality and detail. My truck looks like it is brand new and just rolled off the lot. I... read more - 5/03/2022 
marlene lawrence Avatarmarlene lawrence
Very thorough job and the gentleman that cleaned the car explained everything before he started and did not do a... read more - 5/02/2022 
Noel Walker AvatarNoel Walker
Online booking easy. Came to house at the appointed time. Detailed the interior of the car including dealing with some... read more - 5/02/2022 
Viktor Kozlov AvatarViktor Kozlov
Like new after Highly recommended - 5/01/2022 
Aubrey Hawco AvatarAubrey Hawco
Awesome job today, inside and out, would definitely recommend them to anyone. - 4/29/2022 
Terry Vermeer AvatarTerry Vermeer
They were great. We had some surface mould build up on our RV after storing it did 6 months... read more - 4/29/2022 
Vivie Sofuma AvatarVivie Sofuma
Since I started investing on Forex, it has been smooth, and no complain so far. Investing in Forex/Crypto trading has... read more - 4/29/2022 
Vivie Sofuma AvatarVivie Sofuma
Since I started investing on Forex, it has been smooth, and no complain so far. Investing in Forex/Crypto trading... read more - 4/28/2022 
Sachin Goyal AvatarSachin Goyal
Booked an appointment for 1:30 as it was the only spot available on 27th April but was happy as they... read more - 4/27/2022 
matt vlasic Avatarmatt vlasic
Great experience ! - 4/17/2022 
PangTV AvatarPangTV
Vic and his Team are great! Easy to book and got rid of the mold smell in the car permanently 🙂 - 4/17/2022 
Angie Gilchrist Avatar Angie Gilchrist
positive review   Highly recommended! We had SO MUCH dog hair embedded in our truck and they cleaned it allllll! The job... read more - 4/10/2022 
Chris Cummer AvatarChris Cummer
They've made my 13 yr old car look like new inside. Awesome job, I'm very happy. - 4/05/2022 
Hampton Manufacturing AvatarHampton Manufacturing
Awesome convenient service. These guys showed up on time and did a great job. My truck had been sitting for... read more - 4/05/2022 
Viktor Kozlov AvatarViktor Kozlov
Like new afterHighly recommended - 4/05/2022 
Keegan Kim AvatarKeegan Kim
D&V did a superb job on my car that I was selling. Recommend this place for any cleaning/detailing. - 4/05/2022 
RV AvatarRV
They did a great job, with short notice as well. Will use again. - 4/05/2022 
Michelle Stefani AvatarMichelle Stefani
d&v were very convenient and professional, I would 100% recommend their service in the future and use them again for... read more - 4/04/2022 
Alex Hammel AvatarAlex Hammel
Have these guys come every few moths, always do a great job! - 4/03/2022 
Tom Benke AvatarTom Benke
steamed away 18 months of pandemic era mold from interior upholstery and tools in only 2 hours… this pickup... read more - 4/01/2022 
Terrell Jana AvatarTerrell Jana
Please submit the following review for me:Had my Tesla and 350Z detailed for the second time by D&V. Arwinder... read more - 4/01/2022 
S S AvatarS S
Extremely good service. Very competitively priced, the tech took their time and did an incredibly thorough job. ... read more - 3/18/2022 
J Ramsay AvatarJ Ramsay
Brilliant service. On time, very polite and did such a great job. Can’t recommend enough! - 3/18/2022 
Lorne Adam AvatarLorne Adam
What a team.Very thorough! 👍💚⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - 3/10/2022 
Maya Callender AvatarMaya Callender
I couldn’t be happier with my car. I’ve used this service multiple times in the last few years and I’m... read more - 3/10/2022 
Samantha Siedlaczek AvatarSamantha Siedlaczek
We are impressed! The interior of our car was in terrible shape prior to the detailing. This photo doesn’t even... read more - 3/10/2022 
heather lacroix Avatarheather lacroix
Excellent job! The cars are sparkling clean! I would definitely recommend, and will use again. Thank you! - 3/04/2022 
Sammy Siedlaczek AvatarSammy Siedlaczek
positive review   Great attention to detail! We couldn’t be happier with the service and our car has never looked better. They were... read more - 3/03/2022 
Robyn Manning AvatarRobyn Manning
The young man that D&V sent out did a super great job! My car looks great. It’s been three years... read more - 3/03/2022 
J T AvatarJ T
They came down to clean the mold out of a car. Great work, fast, prompt, really thorough. - 3/03/2022 
Dusty Specht AvatarDusty Specht
The gentleman that came almost made our car look new on the inside. It had never been "deep cleaned" before.... read more - 3/03/2022 
Mitch Kratz AvatarMitch Kratz
My truck was absolutely filthy because of my dog and my job, I hadn’t cleaned it inside since the last... read more - 2/25/2022 
Boundary Bay Projects AvatarBoundary Bay Projects
Excellent job done on the trucks! Looks like we just got them off the lot. Definitely recommend. They were on... read more - 2/25/2022 
Harjot Singk AvatarHarjot Singk
I am so grateful I chose D&V Mobile Detailing Services. They were on time for the interior detailing appointment and... read more - 2/24/2022 
Galya Chatterton AvatarGalya Chatterton
Such an incredibly convenient service, D & V mobile car detailing came to my home and did a beautiful and... read more - 2/21/2022 
Nav Kandola Avatar