Vehicle Headlight Restoration

We provide Headlight Restoration Services that will help restore the shine in dull headlights. Creates a Like-New Appearance and Removes Haze from Headlight. Lenses on your vehicle can become yellow, dull, and hazy from the sun.

Our Headlight Restoration Services fully removes haze and corrosion and restores the clarity and shine you need to see down the road at night.

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Headlight Restoration Service

This service is an “ADD ON” service to our Interior & Exterior Detail Packages. We do NOT travel only for this service.

👉 As vehicles get old, the headlights seem to fade and become Hazy. This is mainly the plastic on the exteriors.
👉 Due to the weather, mud, rocks and other elements its only normal that plastic and headlights will lose their shine.

Here’s why restoring cloudy headlights is such a bright idea:
👉 Visibility: Your vehicle doesn’t only look better with brighter lights — you see better too, which means safer nighttime driving.
👉 Cost: It can be costly to buy and install brand new OEM headlights, but headlight restoration is a fraction of the cost.
👉 Lasting effects: That “as-new” appearance will last many years.

Fortunately, the team at D&V can swing by your location and restore the shine in headlights for a prompt, guaranteed headlight restoration that will increase light output between 70% and 90%.

picture showing Car Headlight Restoration Service by D&V


  • Cars, Minivans & SUV’s +$50-75
  • PickUp Trucks +$75
  • Commercial Trucks +$100


Surface Activator, softens plastic, making it easier to sand smooth.


Sand & Polish Headlights.


Finish and seal with UV Block Clear Coat applicator.

Headlight Restoration. Restore Shine headlight. Removes Haze. Yellow headLights. Damaged Headlights

Head Light Restoration, Removes Haze. Damaged Headlights, Restore Shine in headlight

Headlight Restoration, Restore Shine in headlight

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 1184 customer reviews.

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