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Interior Detailing Services

Whats included in the Full Interior Detail Service?

👉 Vacuum Interiors. (not including pet hair – See add on)
👉 Steam and Shampoo all Carpets and mats
👉 Seats (Cloth and Leather): Steam Clean & Shampoo cloth seats. / Steam clean and condition leather seats.
👉 Steam and Brush – Doors, Center Consoles, Dashboard, Cup Holders, Air Vents, Door Pockets, Steering Wheel and Knobs, Pedals, & Seat Track etc.
👉 Apply Protectant (Non Glossy / Matt Finish) to all hard plastic interior surfaces. (includes Dash, Cup Holders, Air Vents, Doors)
👉 Glass Interiors: Clean windshield, windows, rear view mirror, Rear Window and sun roof. (from inside).
👉 Vacuum and Wipe Down Trunk Area. (does not include the wheel well and tool chambers)
👉 Spray Degreaser and Wipe down door Jambs. (does not include the corners of the trunk for SUV’s)

Please NOTE: Additional charges will apply in case there is Pet Hair, Mold, Very Heavy Stains, Sand (in carpets) etc. The technician will inform you about the additional charges and fees before starting.

What's included in the Xpress Interior Detail Service?

(Vac & Wipe Down – NO Steam& Shampoo)

Ideal for vehicles that need a regular and quick clean up from the insides. We will…
👉 Vacuum all Carpets and Seats. (NO steaming or shampoo)
👉 Wipe Down Doors, Center Consoles, Dashboard, Cup Holders.
👉 Apply Protectant (non glossy) to all hard interior surfaces.
👉 Clean interior windows from inside.
👉 Vacuum Trunk Area.

Please NOTE: This service will NOT take out any stains. Additional charges will apply in case there is Pet Hair, Mold, Very Heavy Stains, Sand (in carpets) etc. The technician will inform you about the additional charges and fees before starting.

How do you remove mold from vehicles?

Note: This is an “ADD” on service to the Full Interior Detail Package

Normal Mold: Mold is present only in a few sections.

Exessive Mold: Mold is present extensively in most sections of the vehicle.

For detailed FAQ’s regarding Mold please visit our page that is dedicated for “mold” and questions you may have by

Instead of chemicals, we use Ozone + Superheated Steam at over 125 °C to kill and remove mold.

Science has shown that Mold Dies at 70-80°C. We steam at over 110°C using commercial grade steamers to ensure the Mold is killed without chemicals.

Further, We will run ozone gas in the vehicle for 30 minutes, Ozone is known to kill 99% of all viruses and it will help kill airborne virus/mold spores.

How do you remove pet hair from vehicles?

Note: This is an “ADD” on service to the Full Interior Detail Package with Pet Hair being present mildly in most sections .

“Mild” Pet Hair is mild and only in a few sections of the vehicle.

“Excessive” Pet Hair is present extensive and in most sections of the vehicle.

In addition to all the steps involved for the full interior steam cleaning, we need to use special brushes to hand brush the entire vehicle and then Vacuum multiple times to pick up as much or pet hair as we can.

Often there is an Odor due to pets too. An additional $30 for an Ozone treatment for 30 minutes will help reduce the smell.

How do you remove smoke smell from vehicles?

Note: This is an “ADD” on service to the Full Interior Detail Package.

In addition to all the steps involved in the full interior steam cleaning, we will also steam and shampoo the headliner and run Ozone gas for around 30 minutes.

The Ozone Gas “helps” neutralize the smell to a great extent. (We would say 70-80% of the smell will go away after the process), any residual smell should go away by airing your vehicle for some time.


Exterior Detailing Services

What's included in the Basic Foam Wash Service?

This service is an “ADD ON” service to our Interior Detail Packages. We do NOT travel only for this service.

What’s Included?
👉 Wash the Vehicle with a low-powered pressure washer.
👉 Spray Vehicle with Soap using a Foam Cannon.
👉 Brush the Vehicle by hand.
👉 Rinse Vehicle.
👉 Clean & Shine Tyres and Rims.

What's the benefit of waxing & buffing my vehicle after washing?

(6+ Months  Paint Protection… Per manufacturer)
Whats Included?

👉 All the steps in the foam wash +.
👉 Buff the Wax using an orbital buffer to ensure maximum protection and shine.
👉 Clean & Shine Tyres & Rims.

Note: This service will NOT correct any paint imperfections like Scratches, Swirl Marks, Oxidation, Over Spray, Tree Sap, Bugs etc.

Why is it Recommended?

  1. Protective Barrier: Waxing creates a protective barrier over your vehicle’s paintwork, shielding it from environmental contaminants such as UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, and road grime. This barrier helps prevent damage and oxidation, preserving the integrity of the paint for longer periods.
  2. Enhanced Shine and Gloss: Buffing the waxed surface removes any haze or residue, revealing a high-gloss finish that enhances the appearance of your vehicle. The smoothness achieved through buffing allows light to reflect uniformly, resulting in a deep, lustrous shine that makes your vehicle look newer and more attractive.
  3. Extended Longevity of Paint: Regular waxing and buffing not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but also contribute to the longevity of its paint. By providing a protective layer and maintaining the integrity of the paintwork, waxing and buffing help prevent fading, oxidation, and other forms of deterioration, thus extending the life of your vehicle’s exterior finish.



What's the benefit of adding a spray wax after washing?

This service is an “ADD ON” service to our Interior Detail Packages. We do NOT travel only for this service.

(2-3 Month Protection… Per manufacturer)
Whats Included?

👉 All Steps of Foam Wash Above +
👉 Spray Liquid Wax & Wipe down with Microfibre Cloth.

Note: This service will NOT correct any paint imperfections like Scratches, Swirl Marks, Oxidation, Over Spray, Tree Sap, Bugs etc

Some benefits of using Spray Wax after washing :

  1. Quick Protection: Spray wax offers fast and effective protection against environmental contaminants, helping to maintain the integrity of your vehicle’s paintwork in minutes.
  2. Enhanced Shine: It enhances the shine of your vehicle’s paint, leaving behind a glossy finish that makes your car look freshly waxed and well-maintained.
  3. Versatility and Convenience: Spray wax is versatile and can be used on various exterior surfaces, providing a convenient all-in-one solution for protecting and enhancing the appearance of your vehicle.

What's the benefit of applying clay bar on my vehicle?

Whats Included?

👉 All the steps in the foam wash +
👉 Apply Clay Lubricant and Apply a Clay Bar to extract surface contaminants.
👉 Buff the Wax using an orbital buffer to ensure maximum protection and shine.
👉 Clean & Shine Tyres & Rims.

Note: This service will NOT correct any paint imperfections like Scratches, Swirl Marks, Oxidation

Benefits of Claying your vehicles at least once a year.

  1. Deep Cleansing: Clay bars effectively remove embedded contaminants like tar, bugs, industrial fallout, and even stubborn road grime that regular washing may not eliminate. This deep cleansing leaves your vehicle’s surface smooth and pristine.
  2. Smooth Finish: By lifting contaminants from the surface, clay bars help in restoring the smoothness of your vehicle’s paintwork. This smooth finish not only enhances the appearance but also prepares the surface for waxing or sealing, ensuring better adhesion and longevity of subsequent protective coatings.
  3. Improved Paint Longevity: Removing contaminants with a clay bar helps prevent them from bonding with the paint over time, which can lead to corrosion and deterioration. This preservation of the paintwork contributes to the longevity of your vehicle’s exterior and helps maintain its resale value.
  4. Enhanced Gloss and Shine: Once the surface is free of contaminants, your vehicle’s paint can fully reflect light, resulting in a deeper gloss and shine. This aesthetic enhancement can make your vehicle look newer and more attractive.
  5. Optimized Detailing Results: Clay barring is often a crucial step in professional detailing processes because it ensures that subsequent treatments, such as polishing and waxing, are more effective. By starting with a clean and smooth surface, detailing products can penetrate better and provide superior results, leaving your vehicle looking its best.

What's the benefit of restoring the headlights on my vehicle?

Here are three brief benefits of restoring your headlights:

  1. Improved Visibility: Restoring headlights removes haze, oxidation, and discoloration, resulting in clearer lenses that improve visibility at night and in low-light conditions, enhancing overall safety while driving.
  2. Enhanced Appearance: Restored headlights give your vehicle a refreshed look by restoring clarity and brightness to the lenses, contributing to its aesthetic appeal and potentially increasing its resale value.
  3. Cost Savings: Restoring headlights is often more affordable than replacing them entirely. By restoring rather than replacing, you can extend the lifespan of your headlights and avoid the expense of purchasing new ones.

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What's the benefit of cleaning the undercarriage of my vehicle?

Here are three brief benefits of cleaning the undercarriage of your vehicle:

    1. Rust Prevention: Removing dirt, salt, and debris from the undercarriage helps prevent corrosion and rust formation, extending the lifespan of your vehicle’s chassis and components.
    2. Improved Performance: A clean undercarriage allows for better airflow and cooling, which can enhance the performance and efficiency of your vehicle’s engine and drivetrain components.
    3. Safety: Cleaning the undercarriage helps to maintain the integrity of critical components such as brake lines, fuel lines, and suspension parts, reducing the risk of malfunction or failure while driving, thus enhancing overall safety on the road.

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Why do I need to Shampoo my vehicles engine?

Here are three concise benefits of shampooing your vehicle’s engine:

  1. Maintenance: Shampooing your vehicle’s engine removes dirt, grease, and grime that can accumulate over time, helping to maintain its performance and preventing potential issues caused by debris buildup.
  2. Improved Cooling: A clean engine allows for better heat dissipation, helping to prevent overheating and prolonging the lifespan of engine components such as hoses, belts, and seals.
  3. Enhanced Resale Value: Regular engine shampooing can contribute to a well-maintained appearance under the hood, which may increase the resale value of your vehicle by giving potential buyers confidence in its condition and maintenance history.

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Pricing & Discounts

Do you charge extra to come to my location to detail my vehicle?

Our service includes travel fees for most locations within the Metro Vancouver area, spanning from North Vancouver to Abbotsford.

However, there are additional travel fees for select areas such as West Vancouver, Mission, and Chilliwack.

Please note that we do not provide service in downtown Vancouver, UBC, and certain other areas with high traffic density.

If you have any questions regarding travel fees for detailing services at your location, feel free to inquire.”

What forms of Payments do you accept for Car Washing Services?

We accept all kinds of payments – Credit Cards, Interac, Cash, and Checks

We can email Invoices & Receipts.

For our Provincial and Federal Clients we can raise ARI / Hollman PO’s as well.

Do I get a discount if I book a detailing service for more than one vehicle?

Yes, if you book more than one vehicle on the same day. We will offer you an additional discounts on full Interior and Exterior services. Discounts will show up while booking the appointment.

General Questions

What Equipment do you use for Car Detailing & What's your process?

Q: What type of equipment do you use for cleaning vehicles?

A: Unlike the large vans with inbuilt carpet extractors commonly seen for home carpet cleaning, our vehicles do not feature this equipment. We prioritize our client’s preference for dry interiors, especially considering concerns surrounding dampness post-COVID. Instead, we employ commercial-grade steamers and premium carpet and upholstery shampoo, along with heavy-duty shop vacuums for thorough dirt extraction.

Q: What is your cleaning process like?

A: After serving over 1250 satisfied clients, we’ve refined our approach to ensure optimal results:

a) Our steam cleaning process not only exceeds traditional detailing methods but also effectively sanitizes and disinfects vehicles. Operating at temperatures above 120°C, the steam eliminates bacteria such as mold and other pathogens. Additionally, it aids in loosening dirt, making it easier to extract during vacuuming.

b) Using powerful shop vacuums with over 5 horsepower, we ensure all remaining dirt is thoroughly removed.

Q: How does your method differ from traditional cleaning methods?

A: Traditional methods typically involve using a single machine to apply a shampoo and water mixture before using the same machine to extract the solution. However, this approach is not as effective. For more information on why traditional methods fall short, please refer to our article

The Power Duo: Steam Cleaning and Shampooing

Can you Detail my vehicle in the Rain?

Yes, we can still work if its Raining
We put a canopy (8ft x 10 ft) and work under (as long as your vehicle will fit under it).

detailing a vehicle in the rain

Can you detail my vehicle out of your location?

Unfortunately, We do NOT have a Shop, we are mobile-only. Our equipment is in vans that leave in the morning and come back in the evenings.

Will you detail a certain section of the vehicle?

Unfortunately, we cannot travel to perform car detailing services only for sections. This is especially true for vehicles with Mold, where it might be visible somewhere but growing elsewhere.

Our experience has been that doing sectional detailing does not lead to a happy customer in most cases.

Hence we cannot do this.

Will my vehicle look brand new after your vehicle detailing services?

Depending on the condition of the vehicle we can only claim that “we will TRY our best” we do not make any claims that we can remove EVERY stain or make your vehicle brand new.

What do I do if you missed some areas after you detailed my car?

We request our clients to kindly take 10-15 mins to check the vehicles for any human errors – before we leave so we can take care of any issues right away.
However, we understand there might be exceptions. If there is an issue, we will come back within 24 hours for a fee of $ 25-50 (depending on your location) for a redo.
(not applicable if the technician has already informed you about an issue and you have agreed)
Note: If you are not available for the final inspection, you waive the right for a redo.
Mold vehicles have a maximum of 48 hours for a redo.
(travel fee will apply)

How long do I have to wait after your car detailing service for my car to dry?

Since we use steam in our vehicle detailing services, we do not make the vehicles very wet to start with.
Normal drying time after the car is detailed is 1-2 hours (with windows open). It might take longer depending on the exterior weather conditions.
For Vehicles that have been exposed to water leaks, it may take longer and a space heater might be needed.
Please Note We do not dry out vehicles after detailing and before leaving.

Do i need to empty my vehicle before you Detail my Car?

We request clients to take out valuables and personal belongings prior to your vehicle detailing service appointment. We can put garbage like Mcdonald’s and Candy wrappers in a garbage bag and throw it away at your premises.

Will you travel to give me an estimate for my detailing service needs?

We are sorry, but we do not travel to give estimates. Given our experience in Vehicle detailing, We have a good idea of what the detailing job will entail, and our online booking system will give you accurate estimates.

(we may ask for pictures to help us give you a better estimate)

Will you clean the Glove Box as a part of my car Interior Detail Service?

NO, Unless Empty and asked specifically,

Often clients have important papers like Vehicle Handbooks and Insurance papers (along with receipts) in the glove box and center console box.

We will NOT clean these areas if there are documents or other personal items, however, if they are empty – we will gladly clean them for you. (Just remind the technician if possible).

About us

Your prices for Auto Detailing Services are higher than many out there, Why?

We only use the same premium products for all our clients. It does not matter if it’s a Yaris or Lamborghini.

At D&V Mobile Detailing, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and service detailing services that reflects our extensive experience in the industry. Our prices may be higher, but they are a reflection of the expertise and knowledge we bring to every detail job.

With years of hands-on experience under our belt, we have honed our skills and mastered techniques that ensure superior results. Our team understands the intricacies of automotive detailing inside and out, allowing us to tackle even the most challenging tasks with confidence and precision.

Moreover, our experience equips us to provide personalized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and vehicle. From addressing specific concerns to delivering unparalleled attention to detail, our depth of experience sets us apart in the industry.

When you choose D&V Mobile Detailing, you’re not just paying for a service; you’re investing in the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is in the hands of seasoned professionals. Our higher prices reflect the value of our expertise and the assurance of exceptional results that exceed expectations every time.”

How Can i Trust you with my car for Detailing Services?

We have over 1000+ reviews for Pricing, Quality, and Customer Service.
We are one of the Best Detailing companies in the Vancouver area, as per the  & 

Before I trust my Vehicle for Detailing I need to know about the owner.

At D&V Mobile Detailing, our founder, Vic Bhaskar, brings a unique blend of expertise to the table. With a bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA under his belt, Vic’s professional journey has been defined by over two decades of dedicated service in sales and customer relations across the United States.

Before embarking on the journey with D&V, Vic held a significant role as the head of recruitment for a prominent bio-informatics company. However, a personal challenge arose that reshaped his career trajectory. Mold in his van led to his son falling ill, prompting him to reevaluate his priorities.

Leaving behind a lucrative IT position, Vic established D&V Mobile Detailing with a clear mission in mind — to assist fellow parents who have encountered similar challenges. His firsthand experience navigating the repercussions of mold exposure drove him to create a service dedicated to providing clean and safe environments for families on the go.

At D&V, our commitment goes beyond detailing cars; it’s about ensuring the well-being of our clients and their loved ones. We understand the importance of a healthy environment, and we’re here to make a difference, one detail at a time.”

Please See his Linked Profile Here


The first indication of the presence of mold in cars is a Damp and Musty mold smell that you will be able to get the mold smell as soon as you open your vehicle.

Even if the mold is not visible in the vehicle, the smell is an indication that there is mold in the vehicle.
Visually, if you can see a Fuzzy-looking, moss-like substance growing, it’s a clear indication of Mold in your car.

D&V has been cleaning mold from vehicles for many years and have cleaned mold from cars in the hundreds.
Our experience includes cleaning commercial trucks for Mold & Virus exposure, including COVID to ensure that they are safe.

We have even provided certificates for border services(both Canada & U.S.A), where they accept our validation that Trucks have been sanitized at over 120 °C. (thus killing all known viruses)

Science has proven that mold and most viruses including the coronavirus cannot survive at temperatures over 80°C.

So instead of throwing in a bunch of chemicals, that may or may not work. our mold removal process makes use of superheated steam at over 120°C, to ensure that all the mold viruses in vehicles are killed on contact.

Our mold removal & virus removal services include steaming the entire vehicle (including headliner seatbelts and trunk area) with superheated steam from our commercial-grade steamers.

Further, we run an Ozone gas for around 30 minutes so that any Mold spores in the air and ventilation system are killed, and the mold smell is minimized.

The steaming and shampoo will not only kill the mold, but will also help with the smell. The Ozone gas will kill the air-borne spores and take care of 90% of the smells. Once the car is Mold Free, we request that you drive with windows down so that the vehicle can be aired, and you let the moisture get out.

After we complete the service, we request our client to consider the following.

Drive for the first 30 minutes with windows down to let the Ozone gas go away (Ozone is NOT very healthy)

Roll down one window by an inch so that internal moisture has somewhere to escape (if the weather outside is not raining)

If the vehicle had excess water, please consider running a small space heater in the vehicle with a window rolled down by an inch. (please monitor the heater and make sure the heat is not excessive, please take care of electrical wiring).

Most often mold forms in cars due to water leaking into a closed vehicle where air circulation is limited. This could also be due to condensation that naturally occurs during winter.

Mold forms in vehicles that have not been used for a period of 1-3 weeks, the moisture due to a leak or condensation does not have any place to escape, and it creates a damp environment that makes mold grow.

As long as the vehicle is in use, well-ventilated, and there is air circulation, the chance of mold forming in vehicles is minimal.

After the D&V team completes the service, we request our client to consider the following.

a) Drive for the first 30 minutes with windows down to let the Ozone gas go away (Ozone is NOT very healthy)

b) Roll down one window by an inch, when back home (if in a safe neighborhood) so that internal moisture has somewhere to escape (if the weather outside is not raining)

c) If the vehicle had excess water, please consider running a small space heater in the vehicle with a window rolled down by an inch. (if in a safe neighborhood) & (please monitor the heater and make sure the heat is not excessive, please take care of electrical wiring not becoming a fire hazard)

If we have missed a spot, we will come back and clean it within 48 hours of providing the service.

Please use the vehicle as much as possible, if there is a leak in one of the seals or if the vehicle is again kept closed for over 1 week, the chance of mold forming again is very high, and we “WILL NOT” come back to do repeated cleanings at no charge. The Service will be treated as a New Service Charge.

Please Note : We cannot dry the car after the service, and the vehicle will be a little damp. We request that the client airs out the vehicle and drive with the windows down by an inch so that the moisture can escape.
keeping the vehicle damp in a closed space, WILL probably cause mold to come back & we cannot be held liable for the same.

Mold is a Virus & a Health Hazard

While it might only be Visible in only one area, the Virus could have moved to other sections and started growing there with time. (think of a car exposed to Covid, and only do one section)

We will need to Steam the entire vehicle, including the headliner, and run an Ozone Gas for 30 minutes to make sure the virus is Killed.  We are sorry but we do not do any shortcuts when it comes to health.

You will need to take the interior service & add the mold option while booking an appointment with us. ( WE DO NOT DO SECTIONS)

Once the mold sets in seatbelts and other Vynyl, the steam will kill the mold, but we cannot take out the mold spots from seatbelts

We will spray superheated steam around the seats, and the mold will be killed.

We cannot remove the seats. This is mainly done by mechanics, our technicians are not qualified to remove seats, and neither do they have the tools.

Further it’s a liability issue if we try to do it and mess up something.

However, if you want to remove the seats yourself, we will be more than happy to clean out the mold for you.

We will spray superheated steam into the air vents. It will kill the mold that can be reached. The rest of the mold will be killed with the ozone gas that is run inside the vehicle for 30 minutes.

Off Course – Check them out before deciding.
button showing click to view more D&V work videos

We are mobile-only, our vans have all the equipment to clean mold from our customer’s cars, we do not have a location where you can come for removing mold from your vehicles.

We will come to your location, we do need access to a power outlet.

Detailing in Parkades

In order to provide auto detailing services in a parkade, we need access to power for interior detailing services & access to water + power + a wash bay (for drainage) for exterior wash/ detailing services.

Additionally, we will need to work your doors to be open for 1-2 hours. (So about 2 parking stalls of space).

Also, approval from Management / Strata needs to be taken before we reach, else a $50 travel fee might apply.

Most privately monitored parkades like those by IM Park, will NOT allow us to provide auto detailing in parkade for a vehicle unless we also pay for the hourly parking.

Occupying additional parking spots, (so we can clean) can lead to additional charges for our mobile auto detailing service.

Please talk to the company, and take approval. If you do, (and are willing to bear expenses for the fees) most certainly, we will come and detail your car out of your parkade.

If it’s below ground level, running a Generator for 2 + hours will create smoke. So Unfortunately we cannot work out of a generator, If the parking is on ground level, yes, we can run a generator to provide Auto detailing in the apartment or parkade, as long as you get prior approval from the property management company.

We have had instances where the noise and smoke from a generator have created complaints from neighbors while we are providing our mobile detailing services in condos and parkades.

We want to make sure we are not becoming a nuisance to the neighbors.

Most mall lots are monitored by private companies. Unless you have prior approval from them to detail vehicles, we cannot come and do it.

For Sure, you can take an additional 5% off by putting the coupon code (CONDO5) on check out.

If you can help us become a vendor with your strata, we will give your entire building an additional 10% discount.

D&V Mobile Detailing Services -(FAQ)
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