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D&V is the go-to provider for mobile car pet hair removal services, that not only remove dog hair but also take care of odor from pets from vehicles including stains,  we offer a wide range of automotive detailing services including mobile car dog and cat hair removal.

With years of experience, and thousands of Reviews, our team knows exactly what it takes to keep your car looking as good as new.

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(Add on to full interior detail service)


Vehicle Type Mild Excessive
SEDANS $35+ $50+
SUV – 5 Seats $50+ $65+
Pickup Truck $50+ $65+
Mini Van / SUV – 7 Seater $65+ $75+
Semi Truck – Sleeper $100+ $125+

*Prices are suggestive, they may vary based on the type of vehicle and the amount of pet hair in the vehicle.

**The above prices do not include the cost of Ozone. There will be a few of $30 in case running Ozone is needed for 30 minutes.

FAQ's for Car Pet Hair Removal

👉 Vacuum Interiors. (not including pet hair – See add on)
👉 Steam and Shampoo all Carpets and mats
👉 Seats (Cloth and Leather): Steam Clean & Shampoo cloth seats. / Steam clean and condition leather seats.
👉 Steam and Brush – Doors, Center Consoles, Dashboard, Cup Holders, Air Vents, Door Pockets, Steering Wheel and Knobs, Pedals, & Seat Track etc.
👉 Apply Protectant (Non Glossy / Matt Finish) to all hard plastic interior surfaces. (includes Dash, Cup Holders, Air Vents, Doors)
👉 Glass Interiors: Clean windshield, windows, rear view mirror, Rear Window and sun roof. (from inside).
👉 Vacuum and Wipe Down Trunk Area. (does not include the wheel well and tool chambers)
👉 Spray Degreaser and Wipe down door Jambs. (does not include the corners of the trunk for SUV’s)

Please NOTE: Additional charges will apply in case there is Pet Hair, Mold, Very Heavy Stains, Sand (in carpets) etc. The technician will inform you about the additional charges and fees before starting.

Pet Hair Removal is a longer process than our full interior detailing and often involves additional efforts like vacuuming multiple times and the use of special brushes to help release the pet hair from fabrics.

Pet saliva on doors and windows can also cause odors and extra efforts for steaming and cleaning windows are involved.  Hence there is an additional fee.

We understand that some clients do not wish to pay extra since they will get their pets in the vehicles and they will shed again. In such situations, we will clean the vehicle as we do for regular interior detail service (one round of vacuuming only and no manual brushing of the hair).

Please do note, however, that in such situations you may still see visible pet hair in the vehicle.

If you ask us to vacuum more than once, the add-on fee will be applied to the full interior detail price.

In situations where the pet hair is limited to one section of the vehicle, we will charge you the normal price for the full interior detail service and charge you 50% of the pet hair removal fees. We will need to charge that since additional efforts for cleaning is involved by the technicians.

We can try our best, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee every strand will go away. Some pet hair in vehicles is very minute and deeply embedded into the carpet and does not come out with brushing and vacuuming. It would be realistic to say 75-90% will go away.

We request our clients to take 5-10 minutes to properly inspect the vehicle, once we have completed the vehicle interior detailing for any remaining pet hair in the car.

We are happy to do any missed spots. However, once we leave, there will be a $50 charge to come back and take care of any issues.

Customer Reviews for Dog Hair Removal

Rated 4.8 ⭐ based on 1295 customer reviews.

Devin Myers AvatarDevin Myers

I will start with the pros - the finished product is excellent! There was a bunch of dog hair and everything looked dull before, but now it is fur free, shiny, and smells nice. I give Raman credit for working in the 30+ degree heat. If I was basing the review just on the way my truck looks I would give 5 stars but I had to dock some points for the following reasons. My appointment time was 9.30am and I received a text at that time that he was going to be late due to vehicle issues but was on his way. I assume he would have known he was going to be late before 9.30am, so it would have been nice to have been told prior to the agreed upon start time. From the time I was told he was on his way to the time he showed up was an hour and forty-five minutes later. Langley to Abbotsford is about a 45 minute drive. If I had known it was going to take that long, I would have run some errands I was planning to do when the job was done. My last issue was that I used a gift certificate that was given to me that had a value of $250. My bill came to $225 and change. What happens to the rest of the money? Do you guys just keep it? I don't think that customers that use a gift certificate should be forced to pay a higher price for a service. Either switch to a gift card that can have a remaining balance or sell gift certificates for a particular service so that only the exact amount is charged. Again, the job that was done was excellent, but as a first time customer, I can't say I was blown away by my experience. Update - The company reached out to me right away to address my concerns. They are taking steps to address the communication errors and have taken care of the gift certificate balance. I appreciate the speedy response and willingness to fix the issues. Because of this I am changing my rating to 5 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Angie Schwan AvatarAngie Schwan
An eventful night where our dog passed away in my car and with high summer temperatures expected here in the next few days I needed to have my car cleaned. And very quickly. Thinking that I would get a quick result with a call I started phoning around. D&V responded quickly and their straightforward online intake was great -full offering listed. So not only was I able to get info as soon as I went online as they instructed but I was able to book two of their staff for the same afternoon. Work just completed and HIGHLY recommend them! Friendly staff walked me around to show details and go over problem spots and make sure I was satisfied. And if that wasn’t enough within 15min of leaving the manager reached out to make sure I was happy with the service. It’s 2022. Who does this? Someone who wants repeat business and great word of mouth. Will DEFINITELY recommend!!!
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Fiona Rogan AvatarFiona Rogan

*I requested an interior detail only* The employees texted to advise their ETA, arrived on time and completed the job in a timely manner. They left the driveway clean and free of residual soap/water. It was not an easy job with considerable white dog hair on a black fabric interior but as you can see from the photos they cleaned it almost entirely away. Some minor stains remained afterwards but they would have required additional steam cleaning which I did not request or pay for. My car now looks great and is ready to sell! Price-wise I think they are competitive and they were able to offer me a next day appointment even at 10pm. I would recommend and would use again.

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Best Car Pet Hair Removal Service.

At D&V Detailing, we understand that keeping your car clean and free of pet hair can be a challenge, especially if you have a pet that sheds a lot. We also realize that pets are like family members to our clients. However, shedding is a constant phenomenon, and it’s important to take care of the pet hair from the vehicle regularly.

That’s why we offer mobile car dog hair removal and pet odor removal services that come to you.  We use specialized tools and techniques to ensure that all the pet hair and stains are removed from your car, leaving it looking as good as new.

Pet Odor Removal

Furthermore, drool and saliva from our furry friends can create pet stains and an odor that is unpleasant. Remove Pet Stains in a timely manner to avoid the formation of bacteria and other issues.

Deep cleaning for dog Hair Removal including pet stains which includes steaming and shampooing of the interiors including the doors will help with the pet odor removal.

Call us ASAP so we can come and take care of the issue.

Videos - Removing Pet Hair

Pet Hair Removal and Detailing from Vehicles
Pet Heir Removal and Detailing from Vehicles
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