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We provide Engine Shampoo Services as a “Add on” service to our interior detailing & exterior detailing packages. Please read more about how we provide engine cleaning services to clean car engine bay below.

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Pricing – Clean Engine Bay

  • Cars, Minivans & SUV’s +$50-75
  • PickUp Trucks +$75 – 85

(We do not provide engine shampoo services for commercial vehicles and diesel vehicles)

Engine Shampoo Services

When your engine bay has a lot of dirt accumulated, an Engine Bay Cleanup might be due. Dirty engines do not only look awful, but they can also build oxidation from earlier oils that can lead to long-term engine damage.

Fortunately, the team at D&V can swing by your location for a prompt, engine shampoo, that can help.

The Engine Shampoo process consists of 4 stages:

  • Rinse the Engine (making sure electricals are safe)
  • Spray an approved Degreaser, and brush by hand manually (till our arm reaches)
  • Wash away all residue.
  • Spray a protectant, the makes the job look good, but also adds a protective layer.

Some FAQ’s about our Engine Clean Service

Q. Will, you be able to clean engine bay area “including” from below?

A.  Our service will clean car engine bay from the top. We can only brush and clean till we can reach from the top of the vehicle. We cannot hoist the vehicle to clean it from below. If you need to clean engine bay from below, we recommend taking your vehicle to a workshop.

Q. I only need to clean engine bay, will you come?

A. We do not travel only for engine shampoo, this is an add-on service to our interior auto detailing or exterior auto detailing packages.

Q. What vehicles categories will you provide engine cleaning service for?

A. We will be able to clean the engine bay for Sedans, Minivans, SUV’s & pickups that are the 1500 categories. We DO NOT provide this service for Semi Trucks and most other commercial vehicles including pickup trucks that are 2500+

Get your Engines Shampoo done in Surrey, Delta, Burnaby, Vancouver, PoCo, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Tsawassessen, Whiterock, or anyplace that keeps them in a condition that will keep them lasting long.

D&V mobile detailing services can clean Engines from Cars, Vans, Suv’s , Pickups, Commercial Vehicles, RV’s and Buses. We clean interiors & Exteriors.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 1033 customer reviews.

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D&V provided satisfactory service with their experience and cleaned out my car very well . Highly recommended these mobile detailing... read more - Gurjeet Singh - 11/12/2022 

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