• Benefits of Steam Cleaning your Vehicles

    Benefits of Steam Cleaning your Vehicles

    Steam Cleaning the Interiors of your Car Are you looking for an effective way to disinfect and sanitize your vehicle? Steam cleaning the interiors of your car has many benefits and is the perfect solution for you, D&V Mobile Detailing Services offers efficient steam cleaning services to keep your car looking, feeling and smelling great.
  • Mobile Auto Detailing Service for Busy Individuals

    At D&V Mobile Detailing Services, we provide mobile interior and exterior detailing, car pet hair removal, car odor removal, and commercial truck detailing services. Our experienced and reliable staff will come to your home, office, or other convenient location to give your car the pampering it deserves. All of our detailing services are designed to make sure your car looks and smells its best.

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    Our Story

    We are passionate about what we do and here is why.
    It had been a long and arduous road for me, but I was determined to make it happen. In 2019, I had been working in the IT industry for over 20 years. But my life changed when my firstborn son became sensitive to smells. Every time I put him in our family mini-van, he would throw up.

  • Car Detailing FAQ’s
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    Car Detailing FAQ’s

    Mobile Car Detailing Services, by D&V Mobile Auto Detailing Services for clients in the lower mainland, . We are one of the Best Auto Detailing companies in the Vancouver area, as per the CONSUMER CHOICE AWARDS & CBRB.  Check out our car detailing VIDEOS and ONLINE PROMOTIONS, and get UPFRONT PRICING for car detailing services that are done out of your location. BOOK ONLINE and get

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    We provide Car Mold Removal & Virus Clean up services, including vehicles exposed to COVID, to clients in most cities in the lower mainland, Remove Mold & get Ozone Treatment to the musty mold odor to go away & ensure air-borne spores are killed.

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