Question to Long Haul Drivers….. Is your work environment safe and clean?

My friend asked me a question a few days back.

“When can we do my dad’s Semi? My dad has been asking for someone to clean his truck, and I cannot remember the last time he got his truck cleaned, I would like to have his truck cleaned by our company as a gift for his birthday, I want him to drive in a clean environment and breath safe”

I said “Sure let’s do this, we have already done interior detailing for a dump truck and cleaned so many vehicles, including ones with mold, the semi truck should be easy – Only as long as we have access to power supply.”

At D&V we realized this is a problem for many of the hardworking people like my friend’s dad and believe we can solve this problem for you. 

As a commercial truck operator, that spends so much time on the road, it’s essential that you are in an environment that is clean and healthy.

Offices are cleaned almost every day, so why are trucks not cleaned more than once a quarter? After all many operators sleep and work out of their trucks 70% of the time.

Don’t let your health or your business suffer, let us clean your truck on your next break and you can be back on the road in 2-3 hours after we finish. In a clean and dry truck.

Going above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied is what keeps us going. Don’t take our word for it. Please see the reviews our customers have given us on our website as well on Google.

We offer a full range of mobile interior detailing services to vehicle owners in the Surrey and the lower mainland areas. We come to your location at a time that is convenient for both of us, and do what we do in front of you.

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