Car Detailing Tips That will Save you big $$

Detailing Tips, Car Detailing Tips

Car Detailing Tips that everyone should know about. Save time and money by seeing the common sense tips below.

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Some helpful Car Detailing Tips

a) Clean the bird poop from your vehicle ASAP!

Bird poo is acidic, and if left on your vehicle, will seep in and become a big issue for exterior detailing . [We actually had a client who did not wash his car for a year, (due to covid) spend almost $1000 to repair bird poo from his vehicle. ]

b) Always keep any liquid container floor level. (mishaps happen)- Detailing tip

Keep them on the floor or your trunk, Never on a SEAT !! (e.g milk from the floor can be cleaned easily) but the same liquid on a seat, for interior detailing will need a mechanic to pull out the seat and cost you 3X.

c) Avoid Mold –

You can learn how by seeing our FAQ’s on our mold page. for Interior detailing.

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