Our Story

We are passionate about what we do and here is why.

I often get asked one Question.
👉“With over 20 years of experience in IT, why did you decide to clean cars?”
The answer is below.
👉In 2009 (over a decade back)
👉😢“My firstborn son, was sensitive to smells, and every time I would put him in our family mini-van, he would throw up.
👉(It was a real mystery 🕵️to me. I spoke to the family doctor about this, and he told me to get my Grand Caravan 🚐detailed and Steam Cleaned.) I took my Van 🚐 to a detailing shop in 2010, and while they claimed they steamed my vehicle, my son still had the issue 😢, I was confused😕.
👉I really wanted to take a road trip 🛣️ with my family, so I did some research and learned all bacteria and viruses 🦠 cannot sustain temperatures of over 80°C or 176°F.
👉 So I bought a Bought a commercial grade steamer, that gave steam at over 130°C or 266°F.
And after steaming my van 🚐, my son never got sick in the van again.😀😀😀
This was the Birth of D&V and our company.😀👍👍
👉”My goal was to help all vehicles that had mold and solve their issues, in a Non-Chemical way.
With the support of Valuable employees and Customers.
📅 In a short period of 3 Years
We are humbled to have become the best-reviewed mobile detailing company to serve you. (over 800 reviews)

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