Touchless Car Wash – Pros and Cons
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Touchless Car Wash – Pros and Cons

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We know the importance of keeping your car looking its best, that’s why we’re taking a look into the pros and cons of a touchless car wash, while a automated car washing can be a convenient option for those in a hurry, always remember to use the brushless wash and there are some advantages to choosing a hand wash solution over a touchfree car wash option. From better results to protecting your car’s exterior, discover why a hand wash is the better option.

Automated or Hand Wash in Metro Vancouver?

The debate between hand car washes and automated car washes in the Surrey, BC area has been going on for some time – which is better? Well, when it comes to cleaning your car, a hand car wash for residents in the greater Surrey BC area is definitely better than a touchless car wash.

Touchless car washes are an attractive option due to their convenience and cost savings. However, they are not the most thorough or effective way to get your car clean. Here’s why a hand car wash is better than a touchless car wash.

Automated Washes

First, let’s discuss how touchless car washes work in the metro vancouver area. In automated car washes, high-pressure water jets and detergents are used to remove dirt and debris from your car. When you enter a touchless car wash, sensors guide your car through the process of wetting, foaming and cleaning with detergents, and rinsing off the cleaning agents with water. The car is then dried with hot air, and some car washes even offer a hand-dry option.

The advantage of a touchless car wash is the lack of physical contact. This can help reduce the chances of scratching or damaging your car. However, the downside is that touchless car washes are not as thorough as a hand car wash.

Hand Wash:

Hand car washes, in the surrey, langley, and delta areas in BC have the advantage of being able to clean your car more thoroughly. A hand car wash involves the use of brushes and cloths to physically remove dirt and debris from your car’s body. This allows for a deeper clean, as the brushes and cloths are able to get into the nooks and crannies of your car and remove more dirt and debris than a touchless car wash can.

In addition, hand car washes provide a more personalized experience. The people who work at hand car washes like D&V are experts in car care, and they can provide services that a touchless car wash cannot, such as waxing, polishing and detailing, including interior services like mold removal and steam cleaning.

Finally, when it comes to car washing, hand car washes are the way to go for residents in the Burnaby, Maple Ridge and Vancouver areas. They provide a more thorough clean, offer more personalized services and are typically more affordable than their touchless counterparts. If you are looking for a scratch free car cleaning, hand car washes are definitely the way to go.

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If you do decide on a touchless wash there are plenty of options available around you. Whether you’re looking for a Shell Touchfree Car Wash, Petro Canada touchless Car Washing, Esso touch-free Car Wash or Chevron brushless Car Wash, you can find one near you.

Before you head to your nearest touchfree car wash, there are a few handy tips you should keep in mind. Make sure to lower your antenna and close all windows and doors tightly. Furthermore, wait for the sensors to guide you before entering the car wash and don’t rush. Also, it’s a good idea to have a drying cloth handy in case your car doesn’t dry fully.

While the convenience and efficiency of touchless car washes are attractive, there are some drawbacks as well. For one, these washes don’t clean the car as well as a hand wash. Additionally, the chemical cleaners used in these washes are not as friendly to the environment. Furthermore, the automatic drying process may not dry your car completely and water stains may remain on your windows.

Finally, it’s important to remember to select brushless washes since car washes with brushes have a high chance of leaving scratches and swirl marks on your paint since the brushes are not washed after every wash. This means that contaminants from the previous vehicle can be present on the brush.

Just remember to follow the handy tips mentioned above and you should have no trouble getting your car clean and sparkling. Online bookings are convenient and pricing is upfront.

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